The Romero Academy model is based on a belief that success is about more than academics. It is about character, faith formation, partnership, and how the content is taught. We will achieve its goal of helping students develop the virtue, knowledge, and academic skills necessary to thrive in a selective college preparatory high school and college by focusing on five key areas:

Personalized learning.

Each child will work in teacher-led small groups of 5-10 students while also learning at their own pace using personalized technology tools.

Character building education.

We explicitly model and teach the virtues of courage, wisdom, self-control, and justice to prepare our students for both college and heaven.

Catholic Values.

Christ is at the center of everything we do.

High expectations.

We expect our students to “be more.” We focus on love and joy mixed with high expectations for academic work and behavior so our graduates will excel in high school, college, and beyond.


We believe that parents are the first educators of their children. Our school is always open to parents and we seek their partnership in helping their children excel.

Dedicated Teachers

Teachers at Romero Academies demonstrate an unwavering commitment to all students.

At Romero Academies, a typical academic year has 15+ more days dedicated to teaching and learning than a typical district school. In addition to more time with students, Romero Academy teachers also commit to an additional two weeks of service for ongoing professional development.

High Quality, Knowledge-rich Curriculum

Our curriculum intentionally builds skills with a deep factual understanding of the world.

Why the emphasis on both skill and knowledge?

Research demonstrates that people with a rich base of factual knowledge actually find it easier to learn when encountering new and increasingly difficult information. In addition, factual knowledge enhances cognitive processes like problem solving and complex reasoning. Many schools focus on building skill (ex: comprehension, compare & contrast) without building students understanding of the world. At Romero Academies we believe that skill and knowledge are equally important.

Targeted Instruction

We teach math and reading/English language arts in small groups (5-10 students) rather than in whole group (25 students).

Our Blended Learning Instructional Model means that students rotate between stations:

  • Working with their teacher on rigorous content in a supportive small group setting.
  • Receiving leveled “just right” instruction from technology-based learning programs that adjusts to the unique needs of each student.
  • Collaborating with peers or independently practicing new skills and concepts.

Meaningful Assessments

We use multiple forms of assessment to monitor each scholar’s growth & achievement.

Assessments are an important tool that helps our faculty know where students may need additional support or a more rigorous challenge.

Assessment results help us know that we are setting students on a pathway of choice and agency.

Impressive Results

Our method works. Romero scholars are growing faster than the national average in reading and math, and are more proficient than their peers at nearby schools.

  • 78% of scholars made more than one year of growth in reading and math this year.
  • Reading proficiency increased by 24%.
  • Scholars are outperforming their peers at neighboring schools by an average of 7% in reading and 10% in math.