Why Romero

Why Romero

We know one of the most important decisions any parent makes is how to educate their children. With our personalized and high-expectations approach, you can be confident that your child will be supported and grow in every way while at our schools. Learn why Romero Academies are loved by parents and their children.

Your child will grow academically in a high-expectations environment infused with joy, in preparation for the most competitive high schools in Cincinnati.

  • Romero scholars are growing faster than the national average in reading and math, and are more proficient than their neighboring schools.
  • 78% of students made more than one year of growth in reading and math this year.
  • Reading proficiency increased by 24%.
  • Outperforming neighboring schools by an average of 7% in reading and 10% in math.

We recognize you, parents and families, as the first educators of your children and are here to partner with you to see your children thrive.

98% of parents are satisfied or better with Romero Academies and the education their children are receiving.

Your child will be prepared to have a successful academic and professional career and be guided to pursue a meaningful and happy life.

Virtue education is integrated into every part of the day at Romero. Your children will grow in courage, justice, wisdom, self-control and more.

We take a personalized education approach to ensure your child is living up to his or her potential.

No child’s path at Romero will be exactly alike, and that’s because no child is. Using a balance of small group instruction, personalized technology tools, and meaningful assessments, every child will have a customized plan to ensure their success.

Christ is at the center of all that we do, and every child will be known and loved through our staff and their peers.

Being Catholic is not a requirement at Romero, as fewer than 20% of Romero Academy children are Catholic, yet we create opportunities for children to understand the Faith and to participate in it however they choose.

Your child will benefit from having dedicated teachers who are committed to caring for each child they serve.

Teachers at Romero demonstrate an unwavering commitment to your children by giving more time and receiving more professional development, creating a safe and stable environment.

Your child can receive a whole-child education at Romero Academy at no cost.

More than 99% of Romero scholars attend with full-tuition scholarships through the Ohio EdChoice Program. Contact us to see if you qualify and we will help you apply!