Integrating Virtue Into the Classroom

Integrating Virtue Into the Classroom

Virtuous learning is at the core of everything we do. 

At Romero Academy at Annunciation we educate the whole child, which includes not only intellect, but also virtue. Our virtue education is built very intentionally into every part of the school day. Your child will grow in the virtues of courage, justice, wisdom and self-control, as well as numerous sub-virtues.

How do we integrate virtue into the classroom? 

Every school day begins with a character block for students to learn about the virtue of the week. Throughout the week, our teachers praise the virtuous behaviors they see, and encourage students to demonstrate each virtue. At the end of the week, each grade selects a student MVP who is recognized for demonstrating the weekly virtue.

In addition, mass is celebrated every Thursday at 10:00am and on Holy Days of Obligation. Religion classes are held four days a week for students to learn about the virtues of the Catholic faith.

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