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An Education As Unique As Your Child

No two children are the same, and that’s why no child’s path at Romero is the same either! We give each child the support and attention they need to succeed. Using a balance of small group instruction, personalized technology tools, and meaningful assessments, every child will have a customized plan to ensure their success. 

What does customized learning look like?

We teach math and reading/language arts in small groups (5 to 10 students) rather than with the whole group (25 students). Our Blended Learning Instructional Model means that students rotate between stations in the classroom:

  • Working with their teacher on rigorous content in a supportive small group setting
  • Receiving leveled “just right” instruction from technology-based learning programs that adjusts to the unique needs of each student
  • Collaborating with peers or independently practicing new skills and concepts

For example, if a student was struggling with fractions, he would get the support of his teacher in a small group to dive deep and truly understand the lesson. Then, he’d have a chance to practice with technology-based learning that fit his current level of understanding. Finally, he could sit down with another peer and the two could work on fractions and share the new skill they’ve been working on.

We work with every type of learner in multiple ways so that each child can achieve their best work.

We also use multiple forms of assessment to monitor each scholar’s growth and achievement. This approach ensures that your child is living up to his or her potential.

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